Training Support

Does your student need some training support? Is your student finding it difficult to meet with you? Are they having problems with bus fare or child-care costs?

The North Bay Literacy Council may be able to help. The purpose of Training Support is to help low income learners gain access to the Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) Program. Training Support assists these learners with transportation and child-care costs. Funding is provided only to those who would not be able to participate in the North Bay Literacy Council (NBLC) LBS Program without such support.

If you feel your student could benefit from this Training Support, please encourage them to call or come into the office and talk to our Executive Coordinator or Student-Tutor Coordinator.

Do You Need Some New Ideas?

Ideas! Ideas! Ideas! If you have any to share Рlet us know! Here are ours for now.

  • Suggest they write a story or poem for the website.
  • Suggest they write a biography about themselves to publish on the website.
  • Have they read a book and enjoyed it?
  • Journal writing¬†– for the first 15 minutes of the lesson suggest they write down their thoughts in a journal. This encourages the translation from thought to paper.

Check the Student Tab to see some examples of student writing.

Come and visit our office where there is a fantastic library of books to use and borrow.