My Citizenship Ceremony – By: Fel’citas R.

It was a wonderful day in my life. After I had lived for five years in Canada, I was able to get my Canadian Citizenship.

March 07, 2002 was the day of the ceremony. It took place in the City Hall of Timmins. I was ready for the test that they had programmed before the ceremony. I arrived in Timmins the day before, and I went to the City Hall the next morning at 9:00 a.m. I was surprised to see many people from other countries waiting to write the test, we were 20 of them. After an hour, it was done. The people that were approved went to take the Oath of Citizenship.

I did it and I was very happy to become a Canadian Citizen. It was one of my dreams and it came true this day. The ceremony was something that I will never forget!

It was interesting to see the Minister of Citizenship, the Judge, the Mayor of Timmins, The Chief of the Police, and the Member of Multiculturalism Institute. All these great people made that a special moment. It was the first time that I saw the uniforms of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I saw them before in some pictures, but this time it was for real. Then I was so impressed that I took many pictures.

After we became Canadian Citizens, we had a small reception in the same place. At this time, we shared it with friends and relatives who came for the ceremony. I liked this day; I was amazed that everything was done so well, and I am proud to be a Canadian.

Being a Canadian citizen means so much to me, it is not just obeying the laws of Canada. It means being involved in my community and in my country. It means making Canada a better place to be and stay. Our children will live here and have the legacy of what we had done for them.

I’m grateful for my family, friends and teacher. These lovely people had always supported me, and thanks to them, today I am Canadian.