Meet Peter

Peter is from North Bay, Ontario. To cope with the frustrations of not being able to read, Peter took up Martial Arts. He found his strength. He enjoyed learning all the different techniques and did so well that he became an instructor. Peter really enjoyed teaching his students and helping them to improve themselves and develop their inner discipline. Peter also has two children who have worked hard to enter college and university. He has encouraged and motivated them by telling them that they could be anything they wanted to be. By admitting his literacy problems, Peter has taken the steps he needs to fulfill his dreams and give him the written words to express the poems that have always formed in his head, but had no way out.

The Unsung Hero – By: Peter B.

The unsung hero, who can it be
The unsung hero, is it a he or a she
Could it be you, could it be me
A teacher, a mother, a father, a brother or a sister
What if it’s everyone – that would be a twister.
So look around and see what you see,
The unsung hero is you and me.

A Sadden Heart – By: Peter B.

A sadden heart, a heavy pen.
Can they both become a friend?
A story told of just undone.
Could this story be the one?
Hunger hurts of this we’re told.
So why’s this problem still so old,
The health board says that food’s out dated, Throw it out it’s no good.
Hungry people go to the can.
Pick through rubbish, I don’t understand.
I say don’t throw this food into the can.
Pass it out where hunger stands.
Love thy neighbour, feed a friend.
God gives it back in the end.