Meet Keith and his Tutor Joe

Keith and Joe met in early 2000. Keith came into our office after a colleague from work had suggested The North Bay Literacy Council could help improve his spelling and reading, especially to his children. Joe became a tutor in 1998, wanting to share his passion for learning. Everyone is teachable, Joe says, but you have to find a person’s way to learn.

Keith and Joe started off in skill book 2 and Keith soon realized that improving his reading would open up many more opportunities. Keith brought a manual from work to one lesson, seeking Joe’s help. This for the two of them was the start of a different journey.

In reviewing the manual together, Keith learnt that a GED was the prerequisite to sit the examination for an Operator in Training. Keith wanted to sit the exam so their focus now was to get Keith the GED. They started with the GED math which actually did improve Keith’s reading and more subtly his thinking skills. Joe says that math is a good way to teach logical thinking. More recently Keith has completed the science section of the GED. Their next area will be Keith’s writing skills.

Keith really enjoys spending time with Joe, and he is looking forward to the next year working to get his GED.