Literacy & Health Project Phase 2 – 2008

The North Bay Literacy Council is pleased to announce that we have received a second Trillium grant to further the work that was completed in Phase one.

It is well documented that literacy and health are closely linked. In Phase one, opportunities to improve the awareness of the link were demonstrated.

The second grant will focus on developing a course to train tutor trainers. The course will be shared throughout Ontario. As well, a comprehensive list of appropriate web sites will be gathered. Health information will be compiled and modified to make it more accessible to people with low health literacy skills. Students and tutors will be met with in order to facilitate the use of the health resources.

The final product will provide literacy and health information for students, tutors, and tutor trainers that will be available to literacy councils across Ontario. A community launch will take place to share the information.

For more information contact the North Bay Literacy Council Office and ask to speak with Julie Patterson – Program Manager for Literacy and Health.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Minister of the Government of Ontario.