Literacy & Health Project Phase 1 – 2006

The North Bay Literacy Council is pleased to announce that we have received a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Literacy providers have always recognized that their client’s health improves during their involvement with upgrading literacy skills. This knowledge was verified when the North Bay Literacy Council was involved in an Ontario wide study designed and administered by the University of Windsor. The Factors Affecting Success study confirmed that students who were involved in literacy upgrading did indeed report that their health had improved. The North Bay Literacy Council identified an opportunity to work with a variety of agencies involved in literacy services to identify areas of need and work towards improving awareness of services available in the community and through the North Bay Literacy Council.

The North Bay Literacy and Health Project will design and deliver a “Literacy and Health” awareness campaign within the health sector about the effects that low literacy has on health. We will establish a working partnership with the sector to develop responsive solutions to the issues identified. A survey of various health care providers will be developed and delivered. A survey of low literacy learners will be developed and delivered. The findings will be analyzed and reported.

A cross section of health information will be examined for readability levels and plain language. Suggestions for improvements will be made.

The final product will be a package of information to be delivered to health care providers along with a community launch to share the findings.

For more information contact the North Bay Literacy Council Office and ask to speak with Julie Patterson – Program Manager for Literacy and Health.